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Will I Receive a Degree or Certificate of Completion?

With each course you successfully complete, you will receive a certificate of completion. But due to the requirements of the in-person courses (essays, class projects, prayer, attendance, serving on teams, etc.) we only offer degrees to those who complete the courses at our on-site campus and fulfill the complete selection of requirements.

Do I need to complete assignments or exams in the courses?

In order to receive a certificate of completion, you must complete all the course assignments for that particular course. Each course will vary on its requirements.

Can I share the courses I take with others?

No, each course must be purchased by each individual desiring to take and complete the the class.

Does Legacy University have loans or scholarships available?

No, we strive to keep our courses priced in a range that is affordable for the student to purchase each course individually, instead of by semester. Each of our courses range from a reasonable $99 - $150 per course.

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Can I complete the courses at my own pace?

Yes, the courses are designed to be completed at your own pace and at your own convenience.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Most of the courses range from 8 - 12 weeks based on viewing one class a week. Most weeks are a two-hour class typically divided into two one-hour segments on average (with the exception of a couple courses). Since the courses are self-paced, it depends on each individual, but most students could finish  in 4-6 weeks if they desired to. 

Can I take a course for personal enrichment and not to pursue the certificate of completion?

Yes, the courses are designed to be available for those with an interest in growing in their own personal walk with Christ, assisting in their churches, leading ministries/departments, or those desiring to do full-time ministry.

Are there textbooks required to purchase for the courses?

A few of the class do have required reading assignments in books that can typically be purchased from Amazon or other mainstream sources, but most of the courses use the Bible as their only text. Some of the courses may also include suggested reading material that are recommended from the instructor if so interested, but not required.

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